Earth Harp Meets Oud

William Close, earth harp, Yuval Ron, oud
Norik Manoukian, Armenian woodwinds, Jamie Papish, percussion

4 p.m., Sunday, April 6

The Earth Harp is the largest stringed instrument on the planet. Invented by installation artist and musician William Close, the earth harp’s body rests on the stage while its golden strings soar above the heads of the audience and attach to the balcony rails, turning theater into instrument. Wearing gloves covered with violin rosin, Close runs his hands along the strings to create beautiful cello-like tones which resonate throughout the theater, creating a one-ofa- kind sensory experience that is felt by all.

Yuval Ron is a world-renowned musician, composer, educator and record producer. Among his many accomplishments and honors, he composed the music for the Oscar winning film, “West Bank Story” and was invited to perform for the Dalai Lama. A noted lecturer, Ron has been invited to speak at numerous schools including Yale, The John Hopkins University, UCLA, MIT and many others. Ron is the musical director and oud player for The Yuval Ron Ensemble. Considered the ancestor to the guitar, the modern oud’s roots can be traced to the ancient lute of the Middle East.