The Wonder Bread Years with Pat Hazell

A fresh and funny slice of Americana and pop culture.

4 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 3
Forum Hall in the K-State Student Union

The Wonder Bread Years

A salute to the baby boomer generation, “The Wonder Bread Years” stars former original writer for “Seinfeld” Pat Hazell. This fast-paced, sidesplittingly funny production hysterically walks the line between stand-up and theater. You will laugh and savor the past like never before. Impact Weekly calls it “pitch perfect” and “laugh-out-loud material.” “The Wonder Bread Years” will be the funniest trip down memory lane you’ve ever taken.

Showtime declared Pat Hazell one of the five funniest people in America. A Tonight Show veteran, critically acclaimed playwright and contributing commentator to National Public Radio, he is recognized for his genuinely funny Americana humor and salute to pop culture.

"Milk-snorting funny!" - Jerry Seinfeld

"Infectiously charming!" - LA Weekly